3 Fun and Messy Outdoor Activities (No Pool? No Problem!)

August 09, 2017

Just because you don't have a pool to cool off in the summer heat doesn't mean the fun stops! There is an unlimited amount of fun (and messy) outdoor activities that you can try with your kids that will leave them screaming with joy for hours. Here are just a few ideas to get you going...


Shaving Cream Slide n' Slide


Yes, you heard correctly. Shaving cream, a fan favourite for all kids, AND a slip n' slide. Assembly is easy: just get yourself a slip n' slide for cheap from any major store, or craft one yourself by wetting some tarps you can dig out from your garage or storage. Then comes the fun part - get your kids in their bathing suits, let them spray shaving cream all over the slide n' slide, and go nuts for the afternoon! 100% fun, guaranteed.


Taken from Plain Vanilla Mom 


Water Balloon Paint War


We absolutely love this fun take on a simple water balloon fight. Get creative with your balloons, and fill them with a watercolour paint, cornstarch and water mixture (or simply add food colouring to your water). Prepare a few batches with different colours, and you'll have your weapons ready for war! To get the best effect, have your family wear white t-shirts so all of the colours really POP. Make it a game - the one with the most colours on their shirt at the end of the epic battle wins! 



Rainbow Bubble Wrap Tree


This is as easy as it sounds, and guarantees hours of endless fun. Simply take some bubble wrap, wrap it around a tree in the yard, let your kids cover their hands in washable paint, and get painting and popping! When the masterpiece painting is over, take a hose to the tree and it will be clean in no time. You kids will love this sensory activity! 


Taken from Twodaloo



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